Jon: Edna, I might be late picking you up tonight
might: 可能 late: 迟到的 pick up:  tonight: 今晚
Jon: Well, my head is stuck in a wastebasket
head:  stuck: 被卡住的 wastebasket: 废纸篓
Jon: It's a long st... saaay... My voice sounds deeper...
long: 长的 stay: 停留 voice: 声音 sound: 听起来 deep: 深沉的
Garfield: Don't wait up, Edna
wait up: 等候着不睡
Jon: I'm staring at you, Garfield
star at: 凝视
Jon: What do you think of that?
think of:(某种)看法
Garfield: Heeey, who wouldn't want to stare at me?
want to: 想要
Jon: I can't believe it!
believe: 相信
Jon: ...Things were going so well...
go well: 进展顺利
Jon: I was clean-shaven, wearing my best cologne...
clean-shaven: 刮得很干净 wear: 佩带着 best: 最好的 cologne: 科隆香水
Jon: -Had made a reservation for two at a wonderful restaurant
reservation: 预定 wonderful: 极好的 restaurant: 餐厅
Jon: We'd ordered our meal
order: 点菜 meal: 一餐
Jon: I was telling her stories about my boyhood on the farm...
tell: 告诉 story: 故事 boyhood: 少年时代 on the farm: 在农场
Jon: And then she nearly drowned
nearly: 几乎 drown: 淹死
Garfield: Third one this month to fall asleep in her soup
third: 第三 month:  fall asleep: 入睡 soup: 尴尬的境地
Garfield: You are mine and mine alone!
mine: 我的 alone: 独自一人的
Garfield: I maintain total control over you!
maintain: 保持 total: 完全的 control over: 支配
Garfield: Channel up! Channel down!! UP! Down! Up!! Down!! Mute! Unmute! (click, click, click, click, click, click)
channel: 频道 up: 向上的 down: 向下的 mute: 静音 unmute: 非静音 click: 点击
Jon: Two new “AA” batteries always go right to his head
two: 两个 new: 新的 battery: 电池 always: 总是 right:彻底地 go to one’s head: 冲昏头脑
TV1: And now for the farm report, here's Earl. ... Earl?
farm: 农场 report: 报告
TV2: Doug, a pig just bit me
pig:  bite:
TV1: A pig? Where did he bite you, Earl
where: 在哪里
TV2: Right in the mudhole, Doug
right: 恰好 mudhole:出泥渣孔
Garfield: Who says there's nothing good on before sunrise?
before sunrise: 日出前
TV: Welcome to “I'm So Special!”
welcome: 欢迎 special: 特别的
TV 1: ...And what makes you “so special,” sir?
what: 什么 make: 使… sir: 先生
TV 2: I can whistle the national anthem out of my left nostril
whistle: 吹出 national anthem: 国歌 left: 左边的 nostril: 鼻孔
TV 1: And your right nostril?
right: 右边的
TV 2: That's where I unfurl a tiny flag
unfurl:  tiny: 小型的 flag: 国旗
Garfield: Let's hear it for patriotism
hear:  patriotism: 爱国精神
TV: Tonight, a mad scientist puts a dog's brain into a zombie
tonight: 今晚 mad: 疯狂的 scientist: 科学家 brain:  zombie: 还魂尸
TV: In the horror classic...
horror: 恐怖的 classic: 杰作
TV: “Night of The Living Dumb”
living: 活着的 dumb: 笨蛋
Garfield: What a cruel thing to do to a zombie
cruel: 残忍的
TV 1: Tonight, on “You'd Better Believe It!”
tonight: 今晚 you’d better believe it: 你最好相信它
TV 1: ...We visit with a man who owns a hippo!
visit with: 和…闲聊 own: 拥有 hippo: 河马
TV 2: Heeere, Holly! Here, girl!
girl: 女孩
Garfield: That is the biggest pet door I have ever seen
biggest: 最大的 pet door: 宠物门
TV: The fire department is here...
fire department: 消防队
TV: The fire is under control
fire:  under control: 处于控制之下
TV: And I'm happy to report there were no injuries
happy: 高兴的 report: 报道 injury: 伤亡
Garfield: That's the goal of every cooking show
goal: 目标 cooking: 烹饪 show: 表演
Jon: Mrs. Feeny reports her Chihuahua has been varnished a dark cherry
report: 告发 chihuahua: 吉娃娃 varnish: 粉饰 dark: 黑色的 cherry: 樱桃
Jon: Someone duct taped Odie to our satellite dish...
duct: 用导管(或管道)输送 tape: 用带子捆扎 satellite dish: 卫星天线
Jon: -There's been so much shedding going on that I hacked up a hairball this morning!
shedding: 脱落物 hack: 处理 hairball: 毛团 morning: 早晨
Jon: And the living room drapes look like they've been run through a paper shredder!!
living room: 起居室 drape: 窗帘 run through: 刺穿 paper shredder: 碎纸机
Garfield: I didn't know you cared!
care: 关心
Jon: I'll never understand you
understand: 理解
Garfield: I like that...
like: 喜欢
Garfield: Garfield: cat of mystery
mystery: 神秘
Odie: (Ooooo...)
Jon: Listen to Odie howl like one of his wolf ancestors
listen to:  howl: 吠叫 wolf:  ancestor: 祖先
Odie: (Ooooo...)
Jon: Even after years of domestication, a dog is still in touch with primal urges a thousand years old
even: 甚至 after: 在…之后 domestication: 驯服 in touch with: 和…有联系 primal: 原始的 urge: 冲动,欲望 a thousand years old: 一千岁
Odie: (Ooooo...)
Garfield: Lost his Internet connection
lost: 失去 Internet connection: 互联网连接
Garfield: Ah, ah, AH
Garfield: CHOO!
Jon: Thank you for sharing that
Garfield: And thank you for being there
Garfield: Sometimes you're lucky
sometimes: 有时 lucky: 幸运的
Jon: Killer moths!
killer: 杀手 moth:
Garfield: And sometimes you're Jon
Jon: Ready to meet for our blind date, Edith?
ready: 准备好的 meet: 见面 blind date: (由第三方安排的)男女间初次见面
Jon: How will I know you?
how: 怎么样 know: 知道
Jon: You'll be carrying a skull?
carry: 携带 skull: 头骨
Garfield: Stay in well-lit areas
stay: 呆在 well-lit: 光线好的 area: 地方
Jon: I have all my tools, Garfield
tool: 工具
Jon: Time to tackle those household projects
tackle: 处理 household: 家庭的 project: 项目
Jon: I feel like something electrical
feel like: 想要 electrical: 电的
Garfield: Could you fix some food up ahead
fix up: 准备 food: 食物 ahead: 先,在…前面
Garfield: Good night
Garfield: Good night... Good night... Good night... Good night...
Garfield: -And goodbye
goodbye: 再见
Garfield: (GULP)
gulp: 狼吞虎咽地吃
Garfield: (BURRRP)
burp: 打饱嗝
Jon: Midnight snack
midnight: 午夜 snack: 小吃
Garfield: I'll be right back
Jon: Okay, who put the lemon wedge in the fishbowl?!
lemon: 柠檬 wedge: 楔状物 fishbowl: 金鱼缸
Jon: An empty fishbowl...
empty: 空的 fishbowl: 金鱼缸
Jon: Signs of a struggle, and a cat with a contented smile
sign: 迹象 struggle: 挣扎 contented: 满足的
Jon: Something isn't right here
right: 正确的
Garfield: Sorry, cats, you can't have him... he's taken
taken: 被抓走
Fish: Wait! If you don't eat me, maybe I could do you a favor!
wait: 等等 maybe: 或许 favor: 帮忙
Garfield: What could a goldfish ever do for me?
goldfish: 金鱼
Fish: I know a lobster
lobster: 龙虾
Garfield: I'm listening
listen: 听,倾听
Jon: Garfield, how many fish have I owned over the years?
how many: 多少 fish:  own: 拥有 over the years: 多年来
Garfield: Three hundred twenty-one?
Jon: Three hundred twenty-three?
Garfield: Oh, yeah, two died of natural causes
yeah:  two:  die of: 死于 natural cause: 自然因素
Garfield: (scribble, scribble, scribble)
scribble: 乱写
Jon: Is that an I.O.U.?
I.O.U: 借据
Jon: Congratulations, Garfield
congratulations: 祝贺
Jon: You've eaten every single fish
eat:  every single: 每一个 fish:
Jon: What do you have to say for yourself?
say: 说,讲 for yourself: 为你自己
Garfield: Do I get to keep the bowl?
keep: 保留 bowl: 碗状物
Jon: Stop looking at me like that... We are not lost
stop: 停止 look at:  lost: 迷路的
Jon: We're just a little off track, that's all
off track: 离开目标的 that’s all: 就这样
Jon: A familiar landmark is all I need and I'll be fine... You'll see
familiar: 熟悉的 landmark: 路标 need: 需要
Jon: We'll stop here for a bite to eat and then be home before you know it
a bite to eat: 随便吃点东西 bite: 少量食物 be home: 回家 before: 在…之前
Jon: Two burgers, with fries
burger: 汉堡包 fries: 炸薯条
Attendant: Dees ees der toll boot, zir
dees:=dece, 好极的 boot: 靴子
Garfield: That attendant was wearing lederhosen
attendant: 随从 wear: 穿着 lederhosen: 皮短裤
Jon: I told you to stop looking at me like that
Jon: I need some attention, Garfield
attention: 关注
Jon: That'll do, thank you
Garfield: Give me a cookie and I'll go away
cookie: 饼干 go away: 离开
Garfield: Odie is planning to chase his tail
plan to: 计划 chase: 追踪 tail: 尾巴
Garfield: But being the good sport he is...
sport: 运动员
Garfield: He's going to give it a head start
give:  a head start: 先行一步的优势
Jon: Success isn't everything it's cracked up to be
success: 成功 everything: 一切 crack up: 吹捧
Garfield: ...And you would know the becaaaause?...
because: 原因
Jon: Sammy sock puppet says he can whip your sock puppet
sock: 短袜 puppet: 木偶 whip: 打败
Garfield: You talkin' 'bout Billy boot?
talkin' 'bout: =talking about,谈论  boot: 靴子
Jon: Not fair!
fair: 公平的
Garfield: And the war escalates..
war: 战争 escalate: (战争)升级


词汇解析:Lois 校对:Anne

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