Snoopy: What’s this?
Snoopy: A calendar… How thoughtful…
calendar: 日历 thoughtful: 体贴的
Snoopy: Each year my insurance company sends me a calendar.
each:  year:  each year: 每一年 insurance company: 保险公司 insurance: 保险 company: 公司 send:
Snoopy: So does the grocery store, the florist, the dry cleaner, the hardware store, the bakery, the drugstore, the vet, the…
so does: …也是如此 grocery store: 杂货商店 grocery: 杂货店 store: 商店 florist:
花商 dry cleaner: 干洗店 dry: 干的 cleaner: 清洁工 hardware store:五金店hardware: 五金器 bakery: 面包店 drugstore: 药房 vet: 兽医
Snoopy: chomp chomp chomp
chomp: 大声咀嚼
Snoopy: Rats… I’m still hungry…
rats: 糟糕(表示不信、失望等) still: 仍然 hungry: 饥饿的
Snoopy: Maybe I can get an advance on tomorrow night’s dinner…
maybe: 也许 get: 得到, 获得 an advance on:【预支】 advance: 提前付款 tomorrow night: 明天晚上 tomorrow: 明天 night: 晚上 dinner: 晚餐 
Charlie: Another advance?
another: 另外一个
Charlie: I don’t know what I’m going to do with you…
know:知道 do with: 对待, 处理
Charlie: All right, here you are. But I want you to know I just figured out something…
all right: 好吧 here you are: 给你 want sb. to do: 想要某人做某事 want: 想要 just: 刚才 figure out: 算出 figure: 计算
Charlie: You are now five years ahead of yourself on dinners!
ahead of: 领先 on: 方面
Snoopy: So what’s wrong with a deficit eating?
What’s wrong with: …怎么了, 有什么问题? deficit: 赤字 eating:
Sally: History report.
history: 历史 report: 报告
Sally: The Egyptians.
Egyptians: 埃及人
Sally: Family life among the Egyptians was easier than it is today.
family life: 家庭生活 family: 家庭 life: 生活 among: 之中 easier: 更容易的【easy的比较级】 than:  today: 今天
Sally: They were all facing the same way.
all: 全部 facing: 面对 same: 同样的 way: 方法
Lucy: You say we’ll never be married…
never: 永不 married: 结婚的
Lucy: Well, why not? Give me some reasons…
well: 那么 why not: 为什么不呢 give:  some: 一些 reason: 原因
Schroeder: I don’t like you. You’re crabby all the time and you’re too bossy!
like: 喜欢 crabby: 暴躁的 all the time: 一直
too:  bossy:专横的
Lucy: Those are reasons?
those: 这些
Patty: Hey, Franklin, did you hear the latest?
hear: 听说, 得知 the latest: 最新的新闻 latest: 最近的, 最新的
Patty: They’re talking “Dress Code” around here again! They don’t like my shorts and sandals… How piggy can they get?
talk: 谈论 dress code: 着装规则 dress: 服装 code: 规则 around here: 在这附近 around: 附近 here: 这儿 again:  shorts: 短裤 sandals: 凉鞋 piggy: 像猪一样的【愚蠢的】
Patty: I think I’ll put in for a transfer.
think: , 认为 put in for: 申请 transfer: 转移;调换       
Franklin: To a new school?
to:  new: 新的 school: 学校
Patty: No, to a new planet!
planet: 行星;星球
Patty: Tomorrow’s the deadline on the dress code thing, Franklin…
tomorrow: 明天 deadline: 最后期限 thing: 事情, 事件
Patty: Either I show up wearing a dress or I get knocked out of school! Isn’t that piggy?
either or: 要么要么… show up: 露面  show: 出现  dress: 连衣裙 knock sb. out (of sth.): 淘汰出 knock:  out of: 出去
Franklin: I think there’s something wrong with the whole system, but I don’t know what we can do about it…
something wrong with: 有毛病, 不对头 something: 某事, 某物 whole: 整个 system: 体制, 制度 know: 知道 do about: 处理, 应付 
Patty: If they ever lower the voting age to seven, LOOK OUT!
if: 如果 ever: 在任何时候 lower: 降低 voting age: 投票年龄 voting: 有投票权的seven: 七岁 look out: 当心, 注意
Patty: A dress. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be wearing a dress to school!
never: 从来没有 thought: think的过去式, 预料 see: 看见 when:时候 wear: 穿 school:学校
Patty: By golly, if anyone laughs at me, I’ll pound him!
by golly:【在神面前发誓】 by: 之前 golly:  anyone: 任何人 laugh at: 嘲笑
laugh:  pound:猛击;敲打
“Hey! Look who’s wearing a dress!”
pound: 猛击
Patty: All right, who’s next?!
all right: 好吧 next:下一个
Patty: Snoopy, this has been a bad week for me…
bad: 坏的, 不好的 week: , 星期
Patty: What can you do when everything seems hopeless?
everything: 一切 seem: 像是, 似乎 hopeless: 糟透的, 无望的
Patty: That’s good advice!
good: 好的 advice: 建议
Special Delivery
special delivery: 快递 special: 特别用的 delivery: 邮件
Air Mail
air mail: 航空邮件 mail: 邮件
First Class
first calss: 优先投递邮件
Patty: It’s seven o’clock and it’s Monday morning and I’m doomed!
seven o’clock:七点钟 seven:  o’clock=of the clock: …点钟 Monday: 星期一 morning: 早上 I’m doomed: 完了, 惨了 doom: 注定遭殃
Patty: I can’t go to school wearing a dress… I just can’t!
go to school: 去上学 wearing: 穿着 dress: 连衣裙 just: 实在
Patty: What am I going to do? Why do they have to have a dress code?
why: 为什么 dress code: 着装规则 dress: 服装 code: 规则
Patty: If you wake up, but don’t open your eyes, will the day go away?
wake up: 醒来 open one’s eyes: 睁开眼睛 open: 打开 eye: 眼睛 go away: (岁月)流逝
Patty: No, Ma’am. I didn’t wear a dress today because I’ve decided to defy the dress code.
Ma’am=Madam: 夫人;女士【尊称】 today: 今天 because: 因为 decide: 决定 defy: 不服从
Patty: I don’t think it’s fair… Yes, Ma’am… I understand…
think: 认为  fair: 公平的 understand:明白
Patty: So long, Franklin… This is it!
so long:再见 this is it: 就这样
Patty: Write to me in care of the tower of London!
write: 写信 in care of: 转交 the Tower of London: 伦敦塔
Principal: 校长
Patty: Yes, sir!
Patty: Yes, sir, I admit that I have deliberately chosen to defy the school dress code…
admit: 承认 deliberately: 故意地 chosen: 选择【choose的过去分词】
Patty: I knew that I’d probably be sent to your office… In fact, I was prepared for it…
knew: 知道【know的过去式】 be sent to: 被送往 sent:  office: 办公室 in fact: 实际上 be prepared for: 有所准备 prepared: 有准备的
Patty: I brought my attorney!
brought: 带来【bring的过去式】 attorney:律师
Patty: Hello, Chuck? I have to speak to my attorney… Is he in?
Chuck: Charlie的昵称 have to: 必须 speak to: 谈话 speak: 说话 in:
Charlie: Your client is on the phone… Are you in?
client: 委托人 on the phone: 打电话, 在电话上【打来电话】 phone: 电话 in:
Snoopy: How can I study my law books if my client keeps bothering me?
study: 学习 law: 法律 book:  if: 如果 keep doing: 一直 keep: 持续 bothering: 打扰
Patty: Hello, Snoopy? Guess what…We have to appear before the student council tomorrow on the dress-code thing so I’ll see you at school at nine, Okay?
guess what:【你猜怎么着】 guess: 猜测  appear: 出现 before: 之前 the student council: 学生委员会 student: 学生 council: 委员会 tomorrow: 明天  on: 关于
so: 所以 see: 看见 at school: 在学校 at nine: 九点
Snoopy: How can I study my law books if I keep having to appear in court all the time?
all the time: 总是 appear in court: 出庭 court: 法庭
Patty: Well, today’s the day I face the student council.
well: 好的 face: 面对
Patty: This dress-code thing is so piggy!
dress-code: 着装规则 thing: 事件 piggy: 像猪一样的【愚蠢的】
Patty: Fortunately, I’m not worried any more because I know I have a good attorney…
fortunately: 幸运的是 worried: 担心的【worry的过去式】 (not) any more: 不再 because: 因为 know: 知道 good: 好的 attorney: 律师
Snoopy: My problem is I can never tell John Doe from Richard Roe!
problem: 问题 can never: 永远不能 never: 从不, 永不 tell from: 辨别, 认出 tell: 分辨, 认出 John Doe: 对诉讼中不知姓名的当事人的称呼 Richard Roe: 对诉讼中不知姓名的当事人的称呼 
Patty: My name is Patricia Reichardt and I am reporting to the student council as requested.
report to: 报到 report: 报到 student council: 学生委员会 student: 学生 council: 委员会 as: 依照 requested: 要求的
Patty: I have also brought my attorney who will be advising me…
also:  brought: 带来【bring的过去式】 advise: 的顾问
Snoopy: Where’s John Doe and Richard Roe? I thought they were going to be here…
thought: 认为【think的过去式】 here: 在这里
Patty: Yes, I’m prepared to answer all questions.
be prepared to: 准备好的 prepared: 有准备的 answer: 回答 questions: 问题
Snoopy: I think I should open with an impassioned plea against the stamp act.
think: 认为 should: 应该 open with: 开始 open: 开始 impassioned: 慷慨激昂的 plea: 请求 against: 反对 Stamp Act: 印花税法案 stamp: 印花 act: 法案
Patty: My attorney will advise me of my rights…
advise sb. (of sth.): 正式告知 rights: 权利
Snoopy: “Let the buyer beware!”
let:  buyer: 买主 beware: 当心, 谨慎
Lucy: Sigh
Lucy: Sometimes I think no one is ever going to love me.
sometimes: 有时 think: 认为 no one: 没有人 ever: 永远 love:
Lucy: Sometimes I think no one is ever going to want to lean over and kiss me…
want to: 想要 lean over: 倾身, 弯下身体 lean: 屈身 kiss: 亲吻
Lucy: No one loves me.
Snoopy: Look, over here, sweetie.
look: 看这里 over here: 这里 sweetie:甜心
Lucy: No one even likes me…
even: 甚至 like: 喜欢
Snoopy: Look at me, sweetie…I’m leaning over… Hurry up, and look!
look at: 看着 hurry up: 快点 hurry: 赶快
Lucy: No one cares about me.
care about: 关心
Snoopy: I can’t stand this way forever, sweetie… Look at me!
stand: 站着 can’t=can not: 不能 this way: 以这种方式 way: 方式 forever: 老是, 永远
Lucy: No one loves me…
Snoopy: I’m falling! Kiss me! Hurry up! I’m falling! I’m falling! I’m…
fall: 倒下
Lucy: No one cares…
klunk=clunk: 咚的一声
Lucy: I don’t think anyone is going to love me…
Snoopy: You’re probably right, sweetie!
probably: 或许 right: 对的
Patty: I never thought I’d be brought before the student council, Snoopy. But here we are.
never: 从来没有 thought: 预料【think的过去式】 brought: 带来【bring的过去分词】 before:之前【在面前】 student council: 学生委员会 student: 学生 council: 委员会 
Patty: Excuse me, sir, I was just talking with my counselor…
excuse me: 对不起 just: 刚才 talk with: 交谈 counselor: 顾问
Snoopy: I’ll never forget my most famous case, “John Doe versus Richard Roe!”
never: 永不 forget: 忘记 famous: 著名的 case: 案件 John Doe: 对诉讼中不知姓名的当事人的称呼 versus:  Richard Roe: 对诉讼中不知姓名的当事人的称呼
Patty: Yes, sir, I know how serious this is…
know: 知道 serious: 严肃的
Snoopy: “de minimus non curat lex… The law disregards trifles”
de minumus non curat lex【法语】=the law disregards trifles
law: 法律 disregard: 不管, 不理会 trifles: 琐事 
【这句话的意思是, “法律不管琐事
Patty: That’s why I brought along my attorney…
That’s why: 那就是的原因 why: 为什么 brought: 带来【bring的过去式】 along: 一起 attorney: 律师
Snoopy: “He who owns the soil owns up to the sky!”
own: 拥有 soil: 土地 up to: 直到
【这句话的意思是, “土地所有权上至天空
Patty: I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell another person what she should wear…
believe: 相信 anyone: 任何一个人 have the right to: 有权利 right: 权利 tell: 告诉 another: 另一个 person: 人【people指的是群体】 wear: 穿
Patty: In my opinion the dress code is piggy.
in my opinion: 在我看来 opinion: 看法, 意见 dress code: 着装规则 piggy: 像猪一样的【愚蠢的】
Snoopy: “When the reason for a rule ceases, so should the rule itself.”
when: 时候 reason: 原因 rule: 规则 cease: 停止【消失】 itself: 本身
【这句话的意思是,“规则的原因消失, 规则本身随之消失”】
Patty: I really don’t have anything else to say.
really: 确实 anything else: 别的什么 anything: 任何事情 else: 别的 say:
Snoopy: “He who takes the benefit most bear the burden.”
 take:  benefit: 利益 most: 最多 bear: 承担 burden: 负担
【这句话的意思是, “利之所在, 损之所归
Patty: I’m just going to follow the advice of my attorney.
follow the advice: 听从劝告 follow: 听从, 采用 advice: 建议
Snoopy: Actually I think I prefer the title “barrister”.
actually: 实际上 think: 认为 prefer: 较喜欢 title: 头衔 barrister: 出庭律师
Patty: They’re deciding my case now, Snoopy…
decide a case: 判案 decide: 判决 case: 案件 now: 现在
Patty: Without your help, I doubt if I would have had a chance.
without: 没有 help: 帮助  doubt: 怀疑  if: 是否  would: 会【will的过去式】    chance: 机会
Snoopy: I remember my most famous case… John Doe versus Richard Roe! That Richard Roe was quite a guy…
remember: 记得   famous: 著名的 John Doe: 对诉讼中不知姓名的当事人的称呼 versus:  Richard Roe: 对诉讼中不知姓名的当事人的称呼 quite a: 了不起的  guy: 
Patty: Actually, I’m very confident…I have faith in the judgment of my fellow human beings. And I’m sure that with your handling of my case I’ll be found…
confident: 有信心的 have faith in: 相信 faith: 信任 judgment: 判断力   fellow: 同类的 human being:  human:  being: be sure that: 很有把握 sure: 确信  handling: 处理  I’ll=I will: 我将会 found: 判决【find的过去分词】
guilty: 有罪的
Patty: Hello, Chuck? Let me talk to my attorney, will you?
let:  talk to: 交谈 attorney: 律师
Patty: Yeah, I lost the case…I have to spend each lunch hour now studying the constitution… Real piggy, huh? Oh, well, the more I study it, the more I’m convinced I was right…Anyway let me talk to my attorney, will you?
yeah=yes lose a case: 败诉 lost: 输去【lose的过去式】 have to: 不得不 spend:花费 each: 每一个 lunch hour: 午餐时间 lunch: 午餐 hour: 时间 study: 学习 constitution: 组织;宪法【规定】   real:  piggy:像猪一样的【愚蠢的】 the more…the more…: 就越 be convinced (that): 确信 convinced: 确信的anyway: 不管怎样
Charlie: Your client is on the phone again…
client: 委托人  on the phone: 打电话 again:
Snoopy: I can’t talk to her now… I’m dictating my memoirs!
dictate: 口述  memoirs: 回忆录
Linus: There’s no syrup…
syrup: 糖浆
Linus: Eating pancakes without syrup is like riding bareback!
pancake: 薄煎饼 without: 没有 like:  riding: 骑马 bareback: 没有马鞍
Snoopy: There I was… Resting comfortably…
rest: 休息 comfortably: 舒服地
Snoopy: Suddenly I was plagued by a self-doubt!
suddenly: 突然 be plagued by: 困扰 plague: 使苦恼 self-doubt: 自我怀疑  self: 自我 doubt: 怀疑
Charlie: Here she comes…
Patty: Okay, Chuck. I’m all set for the hockey game… How do we play?
be all set: 准备就绪 set: 做好准备的 hockey: 冰上曲棍球 game: 比赛
Charlie: Well, you and I will be centers… We’ll face-off here in the middle…
center: 中锋 face-off: 开球 in the middle: 在中间 middle: 中间
Charlie: Linus and Schroeder will be wings…
will be: 将会 wings: , 边锋
Patty: The idea is to shoot the puck between those chunks of snow…The goalie, of course, will try to stop you…
idea: 目标 shoot: ()射向(球门等) puck: (冰上曲棍球用的)橡胶圆盘 between: 之间 chunks: 大块 snow:  goalie:守门员 of course: 当然了 try to: 努力   stop: 阻止
Patty: Which one is the goalie?
Charlie: The goalie is the one wearing those pads…
wear:  pads: 护具
Snoopy: I hate being accused of beagle chauvinism!
hate: 讨厌 be accused of: 被控告, 被指责 accuse: 控告, 指责 beagle: 猎犬 chauvinism: 盲目的爱国心
Charlie: “ In the book of life, the answers are not in the back!”
book of life: 生名册 book: 书籍 life: 生命 answer: 答案 back: 后面
Charlie: That’s my new philosophy.
new: 新的 philosophy: 哲学
Lucy: I think you’re in trouble.
think: 认为 in trouble: 有麻烦, 陷入困境
Snoopy: Woodstock is searching for his identity.
search for: 寻找 search: 寻找 identity: 身份
Snoopy: We know he’s not an eagle because he can’t stand heights.
know: 知道 eagle: 老鹰 because: 因为 stand: 忍受 heights: 高处
Snoopy: Another thing he’s not is a duck!
 another: 另一个 duck: 鸭子
Linus: Boy, what a stupid party that was!
boy: 好家伙 stupid: 愚蠢的 party: 聚会
Lucy: It was stupid only because you made it stupid… You didn’t join in on any of the fun…
only: 只是 because: 因为 made: 使显得【make的过去式】 join in:参与到 join: 参加 any:任何的 fun: 乐趣
Lucy: That’s the last party I’ll ever take you to…
last: 最后的 ever: 曾经 take sb. to: 带某人去 take: 带着 
Lucy: The next time I take you any place, I’ll leave you home!
the next time: 下一次 next: 下一个 time:  place: 地方 leave: 留下 home: 在家
Lucy: Perfume? For me?
perfume: 香水
Lucy: How nice…
nice: 美好的
Lucy: This is a fragrance I’ve never heard of…
fragrance: 香味 I’ve=I have  never: 从来没有 hear of: 听说, 得知 heard:hear的过去分词】
Lucy: “ Wet beagle!”
wet: 尿湿的
Snoopy: How about that?
about: 关于
Snoopy: Woodstock has moved to a high-rise…
move: 迁居 high-rise: 高楼
“Dog for sale”
for sale: 待售 sale: 出售
Linus: Do you think pets are important?
think: 认为 pet: 宠物 important: 重要的
Charlie: Sure.
sure: 当然
Linus: A friend of mine at school got some goldfish for his birthday, but I don’t think he really wanted them…
friend: 朋友 mine: 我的 at school: 在学校 school: 学校 got: 得到【get的过去式】 goldfish: 金鱼 birthday:生日really: 真正地 wanted: 想要【want的过去式】 them: 它们
Charlie: People buy pets for strange reasons.
people: 人们 buy:  strange: 奇怪的 reason: 原因
Linus: How did you happen to get Snoopy, Charlie Brown?
happen to: 碰巧 happen: 碰巧 get: 得到
Charlie: Well, I’m not quite sure because I was kind of young…
quite:  sure: 确定的 because: 因为 kind of: 有点儿 young: 年少的
Charlie: I think it started because of something that happened at a playground…I was playing in a sandbox with a couple of other kids…I can’t even remember who they were…
start: 开始 because of: 因为 something: 有些事情 happen: 发生 playground: 操场 play: sandbox: 沙盒 a couple of: 几个 couple: 一些 other: 另外的 kid: 孩子 even: 甚至 remember: 记得 
Charlie: Anyway, all of a sudden, one of them poured a whole bucket of sand over my head…I started crying, I guess, and my mother came running up. And took me home.
anyway: 不管怎样 all of a sudden: 突然 sudden:突然 pour: 倾泻【倒出来】 whole:整个 bucket: 水桶 sand: 沙子 over: 上方 head: cry:  guess: 猜测 mother: 妈妈 run up:跑来 run: took:带【take的过去式】  home:回家
Charlie: It’s kind of embarrassing now to talk about it.
embarrassing: 令人尴尬的 talk about: 谈论
Charlie: Anyway, the next day we drove out to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. And my mother and dad bought me a dog…
next day: 第二天 next: 下一个 drive out: 开车外出 drove: 驾驶【drive开车去】 puppy: 小狗 farm: 饲养场 bought: 买【buy的过去式】
Snoopy: Good grief!
good grief: 天哪 grief: 悲伤
Snoopy: Never share your pad with a restless bird!
never: 不要 share: 分享 pad: 垫子 restless: 静不下来的 bird: 鸟儿

词汇解析:AKI  校对:Nancy

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