Snoopy: This is our “happy new year” dance…
dance: 舞蹈
Snoopy: It symbolizes our best wishes for a wonderful year to all creatures…
symbolize: 代表 wish: 祝愿 wonderful: 精彩的 creature: 生物
Snoopy: Except cats!
except: ……之外 cat:
Snoopy: Hee hee hee hee!
Five: One, please
Violet: One, please
Lucy: One, please
Charlie: One, please
Linus: One, please
Snoopy: I think I wasted my money… that tasted terrible!
waste: 浪费 money:  taste:  terrible: 糟糕的
Lucy: It’s here! It’s here!
Lucy: This is my year! It’s going to be all mine! This is my year!
Charlie: Where does that leave the rest of us?
leave: 留下 rest: 其余的
Lucy: No where!
Lucy: Stay out of my year!!!
stay out of: 不介入
Lucy: This is my year!
Lucy: I can feel it! I’ve been waiting for this year all of my life, and I know this is it!
feel: 感觉 wait for: 等待 life: 生命 know: 知道
Lucy: I hereby declare that this is my year!!
hereby: 因此 declare: 声明
Linus: Maybe if we’re lucky, she’ll let us have a few Tuesdays…
maybe: 也许 lucky: 幸运的 Tuesday: 周二
Charlie: Did you read the paper today?
paper: 报纸
Charlie: Did you read about all the terrible things going on in the world?
terrible: 糟糕的 go on: 发生 world: 世界
Charlie: It’s very depressing
depressing: 令人沮丧的
Lucy: I’ll thank you not to criticize my year!
criticize: 批评
Linus: Pardon me… I have a question
pardon: 原谅 question: 问题
Lucy: Yes, what is it?
Linus: Well, I have some things that I have to do today… you know, ordinary things that have to do with living, and I was wondering if I could use part of your year…
ordinary: 普通的 living: 生存 wonder: 想知道 part: 部份
Lucy: Well, actually it’s against regular policy, but I suppose you could have a few hours of today…
actually: 实际上 against: 违反 regular: 正规的 policy: 政策 suppose: 认为
Linus: Thank you… I appreciate it…
appreciate: 感激
Linus: 1984 was never like this!
Lucy: You paid nine dollars to sit next to your hero at a sports banquet, and he didn’t show up?
paid: (pay的过去式)支付  dollar: 美元 hero: 英雄 sports: 运动 banquet: 宴会 show up: 露面
Charlie: Not only that, last week I went skiing, and fell off the chair-lift!
ski: 滑雪 fell off: (fall off的过去式)趺落 chair-lift:【坐椅式索道】 chair: 椅子 lift: 电梯
Charlie: I’ve come to you for a word of encouragement
word:  encouragement: 鼓励
Lucy: Happy New Year… five cents, please!
cent: 美分
Lucy: Ah, ha!!
Lucy: Caught you in the act, didn’t I?
caught: (catch的过去式)捕捉 act: 行动
Linus: I want to see that snowball taken apart snowflake by snowflake, and I want to see it taken apart now!
snowball: 雪球 taken apart: (take apart的过去式)拆开 snowflake: 雪花
Lucy: No chunks! No pieces! Just snowflakes! One snowflake at a time!
chunk:  piece:
Lucy: No pieces! No chunks! Just one snowflake at a time!
Linus: Have you ever tried to dismantle a snowball?
try: 尝试 dismantle: 分解
Linus: Well, how is your year coming?
Lucy: It’s not my year any more… I took it back…
not….any more: 不再… took back: take back的过去式)退回
Lucy: The months and weeks were pretty good, but it had a lot of bad days in it…
month:  pretty: 相当地
Lucy: They were very nice about taking it back… they said this happens all the time
nice: 令人愉快的 happen: 发生
Snoopy: Ice skating is a good way to meet girls!
ice skate: 滑冰 meet: 遇见
Snoopy: Peggy Fleming and I used to skate together quite often…
skate: 滑冰 together: 一起 quite:  often: 经常
Snoopy: …Before I became big-time!
became: (become的过去式)成为 big-time: 一流
Snoopy: Ah!
Snoopy: A prospective skating partner!
prospective: 预期的 skate: 滑冰 partner: 伙伴
Snoopy: I’ll glide over and introduce myself in the prescribed grand manner…
glide: 滑动 introduce: 介绍 prescribed: 规定的 grand: 隆重的 manner: 举止
Snoopy: How about a little skate, sweetie?
sweetie: 甜心
Peppermint Patty: He’s a good skater, but he’s the funniest looking kid I’ve ever seen!
skater: 滑雪的人 fun: 滑稽的 looking: 长相 kid: 孩子
Snoopy: First we’ll enter the United States figure skating championships in Seattle…
enter: 参加 United States: 美国 figure skating: 花样滑冰 championship: 冠军赛
Snoopy: Then we’ll go on to the North American in Oakland and from there to the world’s in Colorado…
North American: 北美洲的
Snoopy: I can see it now… trophies, acclaim…
trophy: 战利品   acclaim: 喝彩
Snoopy: …Cold feet!
Lucy: Don’t just sit there… help me with my homework… go get me volume five of the encyclopedia…
homework: 作业 volume: ,  encyclopedia: 百科全书
Snoopy: Volume five?
Lucy: This isn’t volume five, this is volume seven! Can’t you tell volume five from volume seven? How can you be so dumb?!
tell….from….: …………区别开来 dumb: 笨的
Snoopy: Rats!
rats: 差劲
Snoopy: (Slurp!)
slurp: 叭嗒声
Snoopy: They all taste alike to me!
taste:  alike: 相似的
Charlie: When are you leaving for Oakland?
leave for: 前往
Peppermint Patty: Oakland?! Who said anything about leaving for Oakland?
Charlie: Snoopy’s counting on you to skate with him there in the North American championships…
count on: 指望 skate: 滑冰 championship: 冠军赛
Peppermint Patty: Gee, chuck, I don’t even know where Oakland is…
gee: 哎呀(表示惊讶、惊奇、诧异、惊叹等) chuck: 宝贝儿
Charlie: I looked it up… it’s about fifty miles from Petaluma
look up: 查阅 mile: 英里
Snoopy: Petaluma?
Peppermint Patty: Look, Snoopy, let’s face it… I can’t go to Oakland…
face: 面对
Peppermint Patty: I appreciate your wanting me to skate with you in the championships, but I just can’t go… I'm sorry… let’s just say it was fun, and, “so long”-okay?
appreciate: 感激 skate: 滑冰 championship: 冠军赛 fun: 开玩笑的 so long: 再见
Snoopy: She didn’t even kiss me on the nose!
kiss: 亲吻 nose: 鼻子
Snoopy: I'm going to have to find another skating partner…
skate: 滑冰 partner: 伙伴
Snoopy: Ah! That dark-haired lass looks like she might be interesting… I’ll approach her in the time-honored custom
dark-haired: 黑头发的 lass: 少女 interesting: 有趣的 approach: 接近   time-honored:历史悠久的 custom: 惯例
Snoopy: How about a skate, sweetie?
Lucy: Get away from me, you stupid beagle!!
get away: 离开 stupid: 愚蠢的 beagle: 比格犬
Snoopy: I approached her in the time-honored custom, and I was turned away in the time-honored custom…
turn away: 打发走
Lucy: You think you’re so great!
Lucy: I’ll bet you never really skated with Peggy Fleming! I’ll bet it was all in your imagination!
bet: 打赌 really: 真正地  imagination: 想象
Lucy: I’ll bet you never skated with Sonja Henie, either!
Snoopy: I saw Bobby Hull on TV once!
once: 曾经
Snoopy: Rats! No one wants to be my skating partner…
rats: 差劲 skate: 滑冰 partner: 伙伴
Snoopy: Well, that’s all right… I’ll just go on home…
Snoopy: I have a very happy home…
happy: 幸福的
Sally: Do you think life has any meaning?
meaning: 意义
Charlie: Well, I…
Sally: I mean, do you think life has any meaning after you’ve failed nine spelling tests in a row and your teacher hates you?!!
mean: 意思是 fail: 失败 spell: 拼写 test: 测试 hate: 讨厌
Charlie: That’s a different question
different: 不同的 question: 问题
Lucy: Linus!
Linus: What’s up?
what’s up: 怎么了
Lucy: Close your eyes, and open your hands…
close: 关闭
Lucy: You don’t trust me, do you? You look like you think I'm going to put a worm or something in your hands!
trust: 信任 worm:  or something: 诸如此类的什么
Lucy: All right, just for that, I'm not going to give you what I was going to give you!
Linus: I know her! She wants me to apologize, and then when I close my eyes again, she really will drop a worm in my hands
apologize: 道歉 drop: 放下
Lucy: I know him… he thinks I want him to apologize so that I really can drop a worm or something in his hands…
Lucy/Linus: I know what you’re thinking!
Lucy: This is ridiculous… here… take them!
ridiculous: 可笑的
Linus: “Them”?!!!
Schroeder: How can I practice with you leaning on my piano?
practice: 练习 lean on: 靠在 piano: 钢琴
Lucy: If I go out of you life, it will become empty, and all your practicing will be as pursuing the wind
go out of: 离开 empty: 空虚的 pursue: 追赶 wind:
Schroeder: Try me!
Lucy: You can’t bluff a musician
bluff: (用假象)吓唬() musician: 音乐家
Lucy: I'm sick and tired of the way you ignore me!
sick: 反感的 tired: 厌倦的 ignore: 忽视
Linus: What?
Lucy: You’d better get away from that piano because I'm going to kick it!
‘d better: (had better的简写)最好 get away from: 离开 kick:
Lucy: (Wam!)
Lucy: Boy, that was satisfying!
satisfying: 令人满意的
Lucy: If we were married, and you played golf, I’d hate your golf clubs!
marry: 结婚 golf: 高尔夫 ‘d: (would的简写) hate: 厌恶 club: 俱乐部
Lucy: If you drove a sports car, I’d hate your sports car! If you were a bowler, I’d hate your bowling ball!
drove: (drive的过去式)驾驶 car: 轿车 bowler: 玩保龄球戏者
Schroeder: So?
Lucy: I hate your piano!
piano: 钢琴
Schroeder: Where’s my piano?
Lucy: I threw it up into a tree!
threw: (throw的过去式)
Schroeder: You what?
Lucy: You never pay any attention to me so I threw your piano up into a tree!
pay attention to: 关注
Schroeder: Augh!!
Lucy: I think he’s beginning to notice me…
begin: 开始 notice: 注意
Schroeder: I can’t believe it…
believe: 相信
Schroeder: Lucy threw my piano up into this tree…
Charlie: Not this tree! Don’t say that!
Schroeder: Why? What’s so special about is tree?
special: 特别的
Charlie: This is a dreaded kite-eating tree!
dreaded: 令人畏惧的 kite-eating: 吃风筝的 kite: 风筝
Schroeder: Oh, no!!
Tree: Chomp chomp chomp
chomp: 大声地咀嚼
Schroeder: Help!
help: 救命
Tree: Chomp chomp chomp
Schroeder: This stupid tree is eating my piano!!
stupid: 气人的
Schroeder: Call the fire department! Call the rescue squad!
fire department: 消防局 rescue: 救援 squad: 小队
Snoopy: Here’s the world famous rescue squad hero Calmly approaching the scene of emergency…
famous: 著名的 hero: 英雄 calmly: 镇定自若地 approach: 接近 scene: 现场 emergency: 紧急情况
Snoopy: “The terror of the ice”!
terror: 可怕 ice:
Snoopy: Here’s the world famous hockey player… as he skates out onto the ice, the opposing goalie begins to shake with fear…
hockey: 曲棍球 skate: 滑冰 opposing: 对方 goalie: 守门员 shake: 颤抖 fear: 害怕
Snoopy: Here’s the world famous hockey player moving the puck up the ice…
move: 移动 puck: 冰球
Snoopy: He shoots!
shoot: 射门
Snoopy: It’s a goal!
goal: 得分
Snoopy: Once again he picks up the puck and moves over the blue line…
once again: 再一次 pick up: 拾起球 blue line: (冰球场的)蓝线
Snoopy: He flips a backhand shot…
flip:  backhand: 反手
Snoopy: Another goal!
Snoopy: He picks up the puck in center ice… across the blue line… down the left side…
across: 穿过
Snoopy: It’s in!!
Snoopy: I scored three goals while they were playing the national anthem!
score: 进球得分 national anthem: 国歌 national: 国家的 anthem: 赞美诗
Linus: What’s going on?
Charlie: Your sister threw Schroeder’s piano up into a kite-eating tree
threw: throw的过去式,  piano: 钢琴 
Linus: What a stupid thing to do!
stupid: 愚蠢的
Tree: Chomp chomp chomp
chomp: 大声地咀嚼
Lucy: He never pays any attention to me! This will teach him a lesson… musicians are a peculiar lot… they always have to learn the hard way
pays attention to: 注意 teach sb. a lesson: 给某人一个教训 musician: 音乐家 peculiar: 独特的 lot: 一批 
Charlie: Everybody stand back! Here comes the captain of the rescue squad…
stand back: 退后 captain: 队长 rescue: 援救 squad: 小队
Snoopy: You’d better use flash bulbs, boys!
flash: 闪烁的 bulb: 灯泡
词汇解析:Icy  校对:Anne
  • Notes
stay out of: 不介入
wait for: 等待
go on: 发生
show up: 露面
fell off: (fall off的过去式)趺落
taken apart: (take apart的过去式)拆开
not….any more: 不再…
took back: (take back的过去式)退回
ice skate: 滑冰
big-time: 一流
United States: 美国
figure skating: 花样滑冰
North American: 北美洲的
tell….from….: 把……和……区别开来
leave for: 前往
count on: 指望
look up: 查阅
so long: 再见
dark-haired: 黑头发的
time-honored: 历史悠久的
get away: 离开
turn away: 打发走
what’s up: 怎么了
or something: 诸如此类的什么
lean on: 靠在…上
go out of: 离开
get away from: 离开
pay attention to: 关注
kite-eating: 吃风筝的
fire department: 消防局
once again: 再一次
pick up: 拾起球
blue line: (冰球场的)蓝线
national anthem: 国歌
pays attention to: 注意
teach sb. a lesson: 给某人一个教训
stand back: 退后
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